ArtistNe(s)t Residencies

The international ArtistNe(s)t Residencies aim to offer support to the development of new work by young and mid-career choreographers and is addressed to artists based in the 6 participating countries of the project: Romania, Cyprus, Ireland, Latvia, United Kingdom, and Turkey. The residency programme is inspired from and plans to continue and expand the work started by the ArtistNe(s)t artist-in-residence network in Romania set up by Gabriela Tudor and the Swiss Cultural Program in Romania in 2006, a unique international residency programme for contemporary arts in the region. Around 14 projects will be awarded between 2011-2013.

What we are looking for, how the residency will proceed
The choreographers, either alone or together with a collaborator of their choice (dancer, visual artist, manager, etc.), will be granted a four-week residency to work on an ongoing project, start a new project or collaborate with local artists. Special attention will be given to projects matching the theme of the project and to collaborations and exchanges with local artistic communities. Travel costs, per diem, accommodation and rehearsal space for the entire residency period are provided, together with a fee per project awarded. The host organisation will facilitate contacts with the local artistic community, informal presentations and meetings, or the organisation of workshops open to local artists. In exchange, the invited artists will give warm-up classes for local dancers, lead dance workshops for professionals or interested audiences, or hold video-lectures on their own artistic work. Each residency will close with an informal presentation held by participating artists.

AWARDEES 2011-2013
18 projects, 31 artists from 6 countries

Mihaela Dancs & Mădălina Dan (RO)
residency in Riga, Latvia (September 2011)

Paul Dunca (RO) & Krassen Krastev (BG)
residency in Bacău, Romania (October 2011)

Katrina Albuze (LV)
residency in Bacău, Romania (October 2011)

Anna Dubrovska (LV)
residency in Dublin & Limerick, Ireland (November 2011)

Sergiu Matiș (RO/DE) & Sheena McGrandles (Northern Ireland)
residence in Dublin & Limerick, Ireland (February-March 2012)

Ana Costea & Larisa Crunțeanu (RO)
residency in Bacău, Romania (May 2012)

Nick Bryson, Damian Punch & Cristina Goletti (IE)
residency in Limassol, Cyprus (June 2012)

Alexandra Pirici & Andrei Dinu (RO)
residency in Limassol, Cyprus (July 2012)

Kristine Vismane (LV)
residency in Limassol, Cyprus (July 2012)

Liadain Herriott (IE) & Katrina Kalnina (LV)
residency in Riga, Latvia (August 2012)

Lynnette Moran & Emma O’Kane (IE)
residency in Riga, Latvia (August 2012)

Renata Gaspar (UK)
residency in Limerick, Ireland (September 2012)

Priya Mistry (UK) & Andreea Bibiri (RO)
residency in Bucharest & Bacău, Romania (September 2012)

Özlem Alkış (TR) & Vlaicu Golcea (RO)
residency in Bucharest & Bacău, Romania (September 2012)

Cristina Lilienfeld (RO)
residency in Bucharest, Romania (October 2012)

Marina Poyiadji (CY) & Virgina Negru (RO)
residency in Bucharest, Romania (June 2012) and Limassol, Cyprus (March 2013)

Gemma Rigs (UK), Mircea Ghinea (RO), Laura Murphy (IE)
residency in Cork, Ireland (March 2013)

Fearghus Ó Conchúir (IE) & Olga Zitluhina (LV)
residency in Limassol, Cyprus (March 2013)

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: launched in November 2011