bye, bye Riga ! see you in October

After two very intensive weeks, today I our last day. Everybody is very tired especially because of the final presentations.
Some questions to be answered today:
1. What was the strongest moment/experience in Riga (flat, street, studio)
2. What to take further in the working residence in October in Bucharest
3. Positive and negative aspects of the residence
4. Is the [Fragile] team ready to move on the next phase.
5. What kind of performance will be [Fragile]
We met in the afternoon in the the dance studio and we start our day of evaluation and reflections.

Unfortunately, Natalia will need to leave the team, I feel she is not ready for this project.

Our last hour, I go together with Giselda and Cristian to the lovely tea-spot in the garden of Riga. We speak and brainstorm about possibilities. Questions still…
How to dare more
How to push our/audience limits
How to get into people’s fragility and stories
What is the wild Cristian and Giselda
How to hijack the performance
What is our fragility
Who’s gonne me the third performer in the piece

Final photo in Riga. Bye bye Riga, we had a very rich time.
diary notes Riga

Giselda, Cristian and Cosmin

something to remember

Following the informal presentations in Riga, I received an email from Martin, a friendly guy who was a discreet audience our our dancing & walking improvisations into the street of Riga. he also showed up for the final sharing presentation and seems to me that it was his first contact with contemporary dance. when I asked during the performance what he things about what he is seeing, he said that doesn’t understand much but he liked very much, especially the naked moment 🙂 In the thankfully email were attached also more 30 amazing photos of Riga in different seasons, see bellow some of them.

“Dear Cosmin,

Thank’s for the presentation today, I really enjoyed it. Here’s a little something to remember Riga. Hope you get home well.

Best wishes, Martin Ligotnis”

Thank you Martin for your email and photos, it so nice to know that the performance touched your heart !

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Riga’s emotions

Hello again,

I’m still thinking about the workshop and the feelings it stirred up, so the overall experience was without a doubt lasting, positive and surprisingly pleasant. I think I applied in order to try and feel and maybe push my own boundaries, because even though, as somebody said at the workshop, people (myself included) lack and crave for touch in everyday life, I find it hard to ask for it and especially to give, as I’m not at one with my body. Even at the workshop where everybody was touching 1000x more intensively than is usual (at least here in Latvia), still I think the professional dancers see and treat a body different than other people, they don’t seem to have anything holding them back, it’s probably because that’s what your profession is, bodies are the instruments you work with, be they yours or other people’s. I really liked the first exercise where we gradually learnt each body, it was very liberating and joyful to just take each body as it is, to discover they could be touched the same way. Also, I was very glad to discover how simple and pleasant it was to receive the various touches…

So generally it was a great experience, helping me understand that we’re humans and we function pretty much the same way, but at the same time it was great to see how, for example, the heart dances of everyone were completely different, some much more expressive and faster than others, and some slow and flowing. Walking home I could still feel the touches of everyone on my body, and it was a most wonderful feeling. This workshop has given me more confidence to join similar workshops in the future and has also helped me remember how much I love dancing, so thanks once more for organizing this.

Very best wishes and see you tomorrow,


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process sharing in Riga

[ Fragile ] a fragrance by Alice inspired by Nietzche, Tihno Segal, Marina Abramovic, Carol Lewis and manny more

performed by Giselda Ranieri, Cristian Nanculescu, Natalia Wilk, Cosmin Manolescu

directed by Cosmin Manolescu

informal presentation of the two-weeks residency in Riga organised by The Association of Professional Dance Choreographers of Latvia in collaboration with Gabriela Tudor Foundation

14.00 – 18.00 – secret location (limited number of participants) *

20.00 – Latvian Academy of Culture, Zirgu Pasts

Please feel free to join us for the process sharing of the [Fragile] project. For the interested participants to attend the first performance in the secret location are invited to send a short text message to the number +40 722 322 366 with your name, age, sex and profession. after we will receive your message we gonna confirm the hour and the address of the performance. Thank you. For more information please email us at




July 10

Today I’m Natalia and I have two tasks. Climb the stairs in the living room in different ways and sing the Polish anthems. And make a travelling map.

First, I’m kissing on a body scar. Than I’m entering in Natalia’s room and I found the book of Nietzche from the Chomsky’s bar. I start reading it…

“Saying yes to life even on its strangest and most painful episodes, the will of life rejoining in its own in exhausting vitality even as it witness the destruction of its greatest heroes – that’s why I called Dionisyan, that’s what I guessed to be the bridge to the psychology of the tragic poet” (Nietzche – The twilight of Idols)

Shortly we start to work. I decide to play the crazy Natalia, compusilve with lots of sexual desire. I remember her saying “I Can Manage Everything”. I can be Natalia. Funny enough the Natalia Cosmin is leading the rehearsal today.
I WAS 40 % Cosmin while I was performing and 60 % Natalia.

After the rehearsals I dress-up as Natalia for the dinner.
And after the dinner, shortly I come back alone, I fall asleep in her sofa (without even not opening it) while thinking to the day…I supposed it’s hard to be Natalia.

I wake-up in the morning and I found my shoes at the entrance of the room. I don’t understand whom I am Natalia or Cosmin ? I realised that today we need to run together today before changing back to our identity. And than shout out being naked for minute our passed identity. I start hearing in the others room Cristian and Giselda screaming. I start screaming NATALIAAAAAAAAAAA…I’m also documenting the scream. End of identity.


i was 30 % smell

Giselda said that it was great to be Cristian.
There are many ways to show that I am feeling good and trapped in the same time.
It is not enough to be present. The gaze the awareness and the connections.
Fragility group.
Witch part of me do you want to see?
Fragile, Crazy, Shy, Serious and Honest can be a great combination of characteristics for a MASTERPIECE!
Smelling and hugging before the kiss it is very important.
I was 30% of your smell and your hug powered me with another 25%
A real switch to reality, clear and honest
Dance like it is your last chance to do it.
You can come with me and follow me on the street doing the same things.
Scream in the sky!!
After the ritual I can go extremely wild.
How the fuck are you and why I am so in love with you?
What do you think, It can be better than that? Did you notice the wild part of Giselda?
I really can’t see the border between imagination and reality but I am aware of that.
My diary and my writings are very important.”

(excerpts from Cristian’s diary)

which is the wild part of Giselda


“If you stay open, in a deep way, and take apart your fears, whatever hits you’ll receive you’ll still find again your axis, your personal and intimate balance.
Find your heart, your center and you’ll always will come back to yourself.
I love to fight, I love the challenge and I love to come back HOME too, whatever this means for me.
Bye Bye Gi, see you after 3 days.
This is my truth, this is my secret, my intimacy, my daring…maybe my physical endurance too”.

Changing identities done!…the imaginary become reality…

You have the power, don’t forget it!
Power of the group!
FRAGILITY: we can go deeper
Male/female side

Structure/ Space
Not comment during the performance
How to end?
Kids? which possible relation?
Ready to change choice, whitout stop ourself
NOT to CUT communication with people
LEARN to read the invisible reactions from people
Go till the end.
Which is the WILD part of Giselda?
You have to die to rebirth in a new situation/ new level

I discovered that I can fell in love with everyone can show me his/her transformation, who can disclose his/herself in front of me.

From Natalia to me: WILD is: sensitive, brave, laugh, male, fun…100% of me.”

(excepts from Giselda’s diary)

today I’m Giselda

July 8/2014

First change of identity today. Full swap between us with costume, laptops, rooms. And few rules: who is taking the identity of Cosmin need to led the daily rehearsal as well as to answer to the professional emails received in his laptop . Who’s gonna be Giselda need to take care of the calories and need to do an emotional check-up before going to sleep.Who is gone be Cristian need to do joggining in the morning, who’s gonna be Natalia need to sing the Polish anthems…And than we choose. Cosmin is Giselda, Cristian is Cosmin, Natalia is Cristian, Giselda is Natalia.

Today I’m Giselda. I’m naked on the floor with the notebook. My heart is beating up very strong, what a crazy idea to work on. I’m thinking of the heart installation of Christian Boltanski in Japan ( I’m not sure that is Giselda’s thinking…
I love the time of transformation in somebody else. All of of us standing naked next to each other. After a while we enter the new rooms who will be our home for the next 24 hours. I dressed up in Giselda’s swimming costume, looks we are the same size :). I think that the day will be crazy, what a crazy idea Cosmin had…
For tonight I need to be careful with the dinner, I’m allowed only 1000 calories.

This evening I discovered new things about my new identity. I love Giselda’s eye glasses, the lipstick and the metal necklace. I like my new look. We went our for the dinner in the new identities, people are looking strange to us. We are foreigners for sure…Beautifull view of Riga from the top terrase. I’m reading the menu, finally I decide to take a salad, a beer and some oysters (definitively not very Giselda’s style). Back in the room I’m calculating the calories, it was approximatively 800 calories (110 oysters, 350 the salad, 140 the small beer, 100 olive oil, olives, beetroot, beans). We also had a very difficult discussion, Cosmin’s opens up a discussion about the workshop-audition in Riga. Why did he choose Natalia ?
Before going to sleep I need to do an emotional check-up of the day. Another rule of Giselda’s life. Before falling a sleep, I receive an email from Cosmin.

“Hello everybody,
The ritual for tomorrow: at 10.40 we will let all the things in the rooms and we gonna go naked directly in our real rooms where we goons stay with ourselves until 11.00 when we will meet for the one hour discussion before the other new identity.
Sleep well,

I slept much better in Giselda’s room and body. I just wake up in the first 15 minutes a lots of ideas for today’s rehearsals comes in my mind such as:
– to use the word identity in our game;
– to develop some clear caracthers from the book “Alice in wonderland” – maybe I can work on the Rubbit
– to invite some guests from Riga to experience as with the new identities
– to create short solos to be watched on the phone (like Giselda’s transparent solo)
Before leaving the room I thanks to Giselda.



working home

yesterday we continued our workshop-audition in Riga and we worked for a half day in our own flat. it was an amazing day full of great moments…thank you for your daring & lovely solos.



very soon the the selection of the participants will be ready ! now on my way to Riga for the final workshop-audition that will be attended  by 10  performers from Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Italy. the workshop will be joined also by Giselda Ranieri from Italy and Cristian Nanculescu from Romania who were selected from the workshop in Bucharest. i think our hearts will beat faster and faster…