Two days ago, on my last day of my 6 weeks trip in Japan, I visited Christian Boltanski’s archive in Teshima island (Japan), “the island where hearts from over the world gather”. I was the 15744 visitor who recorded and added his heart beats to his special exhibition “Les Archives du Cour”. I spent some time in his exhibition, listening to my own heart and others hearts while looking to the beautiful view of the window.




And I start reading his exhibition notes in the special box which I received together with by heart beat recording.

“Les Archives du Couer”
Here, people are immersed in a variety of thoughts.
The transience, fragility, value of human life –
The desire to leave something behind and the idea that nothing will remain.

“Living a good life” doesn’t mean to remain fixed on youth nor does it mean to attempt to live a longer life.

It means to accept the natural cycle that begins with birth and ends with death.
There are people who lived before us and people who will be born after us. What’s important is the spirit of transmission.

People only come back to life in other people’s memories.”

While listening and reading, I start thinking to our project about fragility. For sure, the soundtrack of our performance will have some beats on it.

[Fragile] is entering soon on the final stage of development. Stay tuned for a very special experience.

no friends


I feel the most fragile when I really, really want something.I feel the most fragile when I really, really want something.
I moved to the end of the world one year ago today. I didn’t know
anyone up here back then, I don’t really know that many people now either.
Maybe only on the surface – the casual «hello» kind of knowing.
I have nobody close by to share deeper, intimate things with in my everyday life.
Sometimes, I joke about it, saying «I have no friends!» and then laughing.
But in reality it’s true. Joking and laughing is my biggest shield and defense mechanism in life.

Well, actually, talking about «no friends» – there is this one guy. But I suspect
that he has started to get some feelings for me, and I don’t want that to develop
any further, so….

Sometimes, when I go to bed, I miss the feeling of another body so bad that I hug and spoon with my pillow. It’s been three months and three days since the last time I kissed someone.