[Fragile] is a new performance to be created by Romanian choreographer Cosmin Manolescu in the frame of the E-Motional co-productions strand, under the label of the Serial Paradise Company. The new piece will be created with the participation of three European dancers to be selected following the workshop-auditions organised by Gabriela Tudor Foundation (lead organiser, Bucharest, Romania) and the project partners in Portugal, Luxembourg and Latvia. As a result of the open call open until May 1, 50 dancers and performers have been selected to participate in the workshops, originating from the project countries, as well as Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, etc. The workshops are planned for Porto (May 4-10), Luxembourg (19-25), Bucharest (27-30), and conclude in Riga (July 3-5), in the opening of the first working period dedicated to [Fragile].

[Fragile] will research the theme of the e-motional body, viewed as a personal geography made of memories embodied on the skin, physical traumas and signs, and all the histories that a body could tell. A political project about identity, researched in different spaces (private houses, streets, studios), which will also question the fragility and vulnerability of our daily lives. Through its vision, the project intends to rething and put into perspective the language of expression of contemporary dance, while creating new forms in which dance reaches new audiences. The performance will be created in two residencies organised in Riga (July) and Bucharest (October). The Bucharest premiere will be presented early November in partnership with the National Dance Centre Bucharest, and the piece will be toured in Latvia and Portugal in 2015.

The co-production is part of “E-Motional: rethinking dance”. Project created and led by Gabriela Tudor Foundation (Bucharest) in cooperation with the Association of Professional Dance Choreographers of Latvia (Riga), Fabrica de Movimentos (Porto) and “George Apostu” Cultural Centre (Bacau), with the support of the Culture programme of the European Union. [Fragile] is created with the support of a Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship. Cultural project funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

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