something to remember

Following the informal presentations in Riga, I received an email from Martin, a friendly guy who was a discreet audience our our dancing & walking improvisations into the street of Riga. he also showed up for the final sharing presentation and seems to me that it was his first contact with contemporary dance. when I asked during the performance what he things about what he is seeing, he said that doesn’t understand much but he liked very much, especially the naked moment 🙂 In the thankfully email were attached also more 30 amazing photos of Riga in different seasons, see bellow some of them.

“Dear Cosmin,

Thank’s for the presentation today, I really enjoyed it. Here’s a little something to remember Riga. Hope you get home well.

Best wishes, Martin Ligotnis”

Thank you Martin for your email and photos, it so nice to know that the performance touched your heart !

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Riga’s emotions

Hello again,

I’m still thinking about the workshop and the feelings it stirred up, so the overall experience was without a doubt lasting, positive and surprisingly pleasant. I think I applied in order to try and feel and maybe push my own boundaries, because even though, as somebody said at the workshop, people (myself included) lack and crave for touch in everyday life, I find it hard to ask for it and especially to give, as I’m not at one with my body. Even at the workshop where everybody was touching 1000x more intensively than is usual (at least here in Latvia), still I think the professional dancers see and treat a body different than other people, they don’t seem to have anything holding them back, it’s probably because that’s what your profession is, bodies are the instruments you work with, be they yours or other people’s. I really liked the first exercise where we gradually learnt each body, it was very liberating and joyful to just take each body as it is, to discover they could be touched the same way. Also, I was very glad to discover how simple and pleasant it was to receive the various touches…

So generally it was a great experience, helping me understand that we’re humans and we function pretty much the same way, but at the same time it was great to see how, for example, the heart dances of everyone were completely different, some much more expressive and faster than others, and some slow and flowing. Walking home I could still feel the touches of everyone on my body, and it was a most wonderful feeling. This workshop has given me more confidence to join similar workshops in the future and has also helped me remember how much I love dancing, so thanks once more for organizing this.

Very best wishes and see you tomorrow,


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welcome in our house of fragilities

“Fragilidade Ă© insegurança.”

“The longer I expose myself, more fragile I become.”

“A hug without touch, more a hint of contact.

“We create, we put our self’s to the evaluation of the others, we put our most inner inquietudes for the others to enjoy and we risk to be hurt or offended. This is what we do.”

“My fragility is not to be able to look into people’s eye.”

“My fragility is to be afraid of stopping breathing.”

It is knowing that we are missing with someone or something.”  (texts written by the participants for the workshop)

the first Fragile workshop in Porto just finished. the working period was very intense and everybody dived  into a very emotional world. but it was beautiful. tears, stories, hugs, little movements and emotions. welcome in our house of fragilities and we are invited by Ana Dora in the a flat full of emotional stories.