How I feel? Sometimes I do some emotional check up…just to know.
Here it is.
I’m exited to start this second step of the project because it will be like to dive one more in the unknown. I mean, this fragility theme it’s so wide that any time, I feel I have the opportunity to search more deeply inside of it, inside of me and inside of ourselves.
It’s since last time I’m thinking about fragility. Sometimes it has happened to talk with some friends about fragility and among other things it come out that fragility can mean strength. The most amazing thing is that this link between these two quite opposite terms it come out during the residency in Riga. So we’re touching something special because shared.
I love people and I think that this project is about people, it’s about humanity through the lens of fragility.
So….yes, I’m exited, but I’m worried too because I know that the work it’s going not to be easy. Because this kind of research it claim to the performer – but I prefer to say researcher – to trust in the process and to drop down his/her barriers. Therefore I know that to work in the right way, that for me means in an honest way, I have to forget myself in order to find something over me.
And, one more, is very true the theatrical rule that say: “On stage you have to die to rebirth”.

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