I feel like the «new girl».
I don’t even know what to expect, really. I imagine that I’ll be coming in to something already established – but hopefully not set in stone. I feel like I have a million different thoughts and feelings, that I feel are of relevance and might be related to this, but I fear that in reality they will turn out to be in no way connected to anything in this project.
I guess I’ll have to find my place in this too. I kind of feel that that is the story of my life – finding my place. It’s also something I believe (or maybe hope) a lot of us are faced with in different stages of life. I haven’t really found anything of truly great fignificance this far (in terms of life).
In terms of this project, it has been haunting me for a longer period now. But in the strangest ways, creating chains of thoughts that even I can’t seem to follow… Like for example, here’s a funfact for you: in June this year, I decided that I would no longer shave my legs, armpits or bikini area, all this because I suddenly got the feeling that I was changing my true identity by removing this hair, that obviously is growing there naturally… Yeah, how did I get there? …The strange new girl…
Anyway, here I am, in all of my hairyness, sitting in my sofa writing this text with no actual clue as to what this period in Bucharest will bring.
One thing is sure, I already feel like I’m standing on the edge of something unknown.
So, only one thing to do then – jump in with open arms.

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