Gina Serbanescu & Galina Borisova in residency in Bacau

Dramaturge Gina Serbanescu (RO) and choreographer/ dancer Galina Borisova (BG) are developing the project “Anti- GONE – It’s me” during a residency period at the George Apostu Cultural Centre in Bacau, between May 11-30, 2014, in the frame of the E-Motional/ ArtistNe(s)t residencies.  The residency presentation is scheduled for May 28, 2014 in Bacau.

< As in the title is highlighted and revealing the dramatic nature of our title “Anti- GONE – It’s me” will focus on what we are, what we could be, why we are what we are, what we could be, why we are not such as we can, why we are the way we can, why we could not be what we imagine we can be, what we could change and what we already have changed, how, why etc. In fact, it is a reconsidering of the originary significance of tragedy, which is in fact, a sacrificial exercise of self-understanding, the perpetual breaking of limits. This is a topic which, under contemporary circumstances, becomes urgent as need of remaining authentic in a world where values are more and more fluid.>

Galina Borisova and Gina Serbanescu will review the principles of ancient Greek tragedy – personal or political? Aimimg at discovering their contemprary significance. In the context of contemporary living by means of theater, dance, literature, music interventions, the myth will be shaped according to nowadays inner needs.

Gina Serbanescu is a Romanian dramaturge and also contemporary dance and performance critic. During the last few years, she was advisor in contemporary dance dramaturgy for Jardin d’Europe residencies and she signed dramaturgy for performances presented at international level: That’s It (by Sabine Molenaars Belgium), It’s alright with me (Kata Juhasz, Hungary), My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder (By Ida Louis Leclerc and Marie-Louise Stentenbjerg, Copenhagen, Denmark). Other activities: mobility grant E-Motional Bodies and Cities, Dance Waves Festival Cyprus, Participation in Critical Endeavour Programme, within the framework of Impulstanz Vienna, Participation in the programmen Moving Dialogue New York, a cultural exchange between Romanian and US Artists, initiated by Dance Theatre Workshop , Gabriela Tudor Foundation and Movement Reassearch New York. Articles  published on www.movement, Participation in the Balkan Dance Platform Novi Sad 2009, as a dance critic and documentarist.Participation in the Critical Endeavour Programme at Vlaams Theater Institute Brussels, articles published in, dance expert for ROMANIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE programme “Cantemir” and for the “National Administration of Cultural Fund”. “ Meanings of the Body in Contemporary Dance”,  project won in the project competition organized by the National Dance Centre Bucharest consisting in a book published by the Cultural Foundation “Camil Petrescu”. (The book “The Meanings of the Body in the Contemporary Dance” was be published in November 2007).

Galina Borisova, Bulgaria is a dancer and choreographer whose work has a very strong theatrical aspect. She first makes a significant impression at the American Dance Festival’96, where she was participating in the International Choreographers Residency Program. In 1998 she received first prize for her performance “A Never Ending Story” in Gronigen/Holland at the International Competition for Choreographers. She has created more than 35 projects of her own, that have been presented in Europe and USA. As a dancer she worked with such choreographers as Louise Bedard/Canada, Lenka Flory/Czech Republic, Simone Sandroni/Italy, Elsa Limbach/USA, and Kubilai Khan Investigations/France. Her works has been presented her works at in Amsterdam / Sylesian festival in Bythom / Varna Summer Festival /Dance Across Borders in Politalu in Estonia, Bard College, USA/ Spring Festival in Utrecht, Hanover Festival, Central Station at DTW (Dance Theatre Workshop)  New York,  Balkan Dance Platform in Sofia, Bucharest and Skopje and many others.

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