Bacau Dance Connection 2015

Between May 28-30, George Apostu Culture Centre in Bacau present a 3-day event including MAP – sharing process presentations with artists from Portugal and Poland, debates and performances from Romania and France.
The daily programme is available below.

E-motional, Bacau dance connection 2015

1. MAP – sharing of processes
28.05 ¦ 17:00 ¦ The Cultural Centre „George Apostu”, Bacău
An acronym from the Portuguese “Mostra de processos”, MAP is a sharing frame for the creative processes related to a piece/performance, an event to present movement based artistic proposals.

GLOBAL WAR{ming} exercise
work in progress-
Concept, dance: Natalia Wilk (Poland)
Drama choreography: Luis Garcia Munoz
Once upon a time on the shore of global warming ocean there was a mermaid. Waiting. Preparing for a flood. Huge cleansing wave of destruction. New conditions of liquide state of matter to live in imaginary Atlantis of own liquid body. ;Become water, my friend”. Looking forward for Global WAR{ming} results. With primordial waters of no/new ECO, no/new LOGO, no/new FASHIONS, no/new LABEL, no/new PROBLEM… Norm-core. Aqua-core. Becoming formless. Staying against, staying within, holding back, stepping forward, going around. Adapting. In water that doesn’t have a statement.

Natalia Wilk is a dancer/performer, actress. She graduated from the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts and the  Political Science at the Silesian University. She worked with Isabelle Schad in Collective Jumps, with Koen Augustijn in Dance Moves Cities, with Cosmin Manolescu in Fragile – part of the „E-Motional: rethinking dance” residence programme, with Paul Passini and Robert Hayden in Metamorphosis Dynamics at the Grotowski Institute and with Robert Talarczyk in the performance Open Chopin. She received scholarships of the Alternative Academy of Dance in 2014, of the Marshal of Silesia in the category of Culture for 2013, and of the Residence/Première programme at the Żak club in Gdansk in 2012. She has danced in projects by Idan Cohen, Rafał Urbacki, Victoria Fox, Guilherme Botelho, Les gens d’Uterpan. She has participated in master classes with Les Ballets C de la B, David Zambrano, Liquid Loft Companie, Ann Van Den Broek, Yasmeen Godder, Mala Kline, Igor Podsiadły, Witold Jurewicz and others. She also writes about dance. In 2011, she completed an internship in dance critique at the San Diego State University in California.

Luis Garcia Munoz graduated Dramatic Art at Higher School “Miguel Salcedo Hierro” of Cordoba, Spain in 2012. He worked in the international project “The Dynamic of Metamorphosis” (2012-2014), coproduction with the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław and the Theatre in Lublin, Poland, directed by Paweł Passini.Currently he is studying classical and contemporary dance at the Andalusian Dance Center in Seville, Spain. Working in different projects to approach the performing arts to children and as a freelancer creator.


Heaven is just a blue disguise of hell
-work in progress-
Concept and interpretation: Bruno Senune, Joana von Mayer Trindade (Portugal)
Direction and choreography: Joana von Mayer Trindade, Hugo Calhim Cristovão
„A duet where One is afraid, much, and One is excited, much.  Representing the constant flow from nowhere to nowhere, the dissolving of boundaries and/or rules, the free movement of information not yet formed where all relationships are in motion with/without. Chaos appears as a leitmotiv /concept  to explore and deal with unconscious depths, vibrations, pure energy, infinite speeds, intensities, sensations, madness, unpredictability, plurality, endless possibilities, open field, letting go of ego and of preconceived patterns or expectations. Chaos breeding counter forces, tensions, conflicts, despairs, feeding itself in the weakest residues, of heaven, of hell. A duet where One is afraid, much, and One is excited, much. And so are both. Be it angelic, be it daimonic. Both are duo, both are duet, both are duel” JvMT & HCC

Joana von Mayer Trindade – Choreographer, Performer and Teacher works in between Berlin and Porto since 2011. In 2013 she got a Master degree in Dance, MA SODA (Solo/Dance/ Authorship) at the University for the Arts in Berlin-UDK / HZT and received a scholarship to attend her studies by GDA- Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas. She attended the Course of Contemporary Dance Performers (1998/1999) run by Forum Dança as well as „Essais” (2006) at the „Centre National de la Danse Contenporaine d’Angers”, direction d’Emmanuelle Huynh (France). She works as a creator, performer and teacher in the fields of performance art, dance and yoga. She has a degree in Psychology, University of Porto. Together with Hugo Calhim Cristovão, she is a member and co-founder of NuIsIs ZoBoP. Her two latest solos „She Will Not Live” and „Veleda”, created together with Hugo Calhim Cristovão were presented in several festivals and cultural centers in Portugal such as Serralves Museum and Festival Materiais Diversos.

Bruno Senune was born in Aveiro in 1992. Currently he lives in Porto. In 2011 he finishes his studies in dance at Balleteatro Escola Profissional. As a performer and co-creator he’s been working with Victor Hugo Pontes, Né Barros, Tânia Carvalho, Joana Castro, Flávio Rodrigues, Mariana Tengner Barros and Joana von Mayer Trindade. He’s part of a electrotrap musical project with Flávio Rodrigues – Special Grey. In 2015 he contributes for the development of a Site Specific for a Theater Masters in ESMAE (Polytechnic Institute of Porto). In parallel he works as a photographic model.

Hugo Calhim Cristovão is Creator, Writer and Director of performance research group “NuIsIs ZoBoP”. Created and directed “ABBADON” with interpretation of Paula Cepeda Rodrigues, under NuIsIs ZoBoP in 2006/2007. Created and directed with Joana von Mayer Trindade: “SHE WILL NOT LIVE”, “VELEDA” and “ZOS (She will not Live)”. At the present moment he is studying Philosophy in the fields of metaphysic and logic while continuing to work in the field of arts (dance and theater) and aesthetics.


Colloquium: Contemporary dance, where to?
Gina Şerbănescu is a doctor of  Philosophy, a playwright and performance critic. She collaborates with important romanian and international magazines: Dilema Veche, Observator Cultural, Teatrul Azi,, Critical Correspondence New York, Workspace Brussels, Au Sud de L’est. She is the author of  „Meanings of the Body in Contemporary Dance” (2007). As a playwright  she worked with Sabine Molenaar şi Kata Juhasz in Jardin d’Europe residencies. Among several artistic projects we name: Residency E-Motional Bodies and Cities, Dance Waves Festival Cyprus, participation in Critical Endeavour Programme, within Impulstanz Vienna, participation in the programme Moving Dialogue New York, a cultural exchange between Romanian and US Artists, initiated by Dance Theatre Workshop, Gabriela Tudor Foundation and Movement Research, New York.

Anca Sigartău, manager of Bacovia Theatre, graduated from the Academy of Theatre and Film, Bucharest, acting department, Dem Radulescu class, has a master degree in directing and a Doctor of Arts degree- with honors. Actor and director at Bulandra Theatre, Nottara Theatre, Little Theatre, Metropolis Theatre, has successfully performed multiple roles in famous plays. Also, she performed different roles in TV theatre and TV series, presented cultural programs on different TV stations, participated in entertainment shows and has also starred in several feature films. She has an academic experience:  theatre teacher at Westminster Schools of Augusta, GA, USA and prof. univ.dr. at „Spiru Haret” University, Bucharest, Arts Department.

Liviu Dospinescu graduated from the Faculty of Letters and Sciences of the University “Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava, in 1996. In 1998-1999 studied the DEA (Diplôme d’études approfondies) in theater and audiovisual semiotics at Université de Toulouse 2 – Le Mirail (France). The interest in language and literature is increasingly merging with theater and  performing arts. In 2006 he obtains a Philosophiae Doctor diploma at the Université of Québec, Montréal. Along his Canadian route, he was offered the chance to teach at several universities: Université du Québec à Montréal (2004, 2008), then at the University of Ottawa (2006-2007). Starting  2008, he is a professor in theater studies, at Université Laval from Quebec. As a teacher and researcher he has published numerous articles and has lectured at Montreal, Tokyo, Birmingham, Munich, Constanţa, Botoşani.

Silvia Cazacu  has Graduate study in Sociology, but also studied Theatre Studies and currently works as literary secretary at the Odeon Theatre in Bucharest. Her articles in the performing arts are mostly found online at sites like Postmodern, Liternet, Gingergroup, Art Ou. She currently writes for Arts and Crafts magazine. Her field of interest focuses mainly on the perspective of the spectator in contemporary dance; she is preparing her MA graduation work in Theatre Studies at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Beatrice Lăpădat graduated from the Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest, Romanian-English section (2010). Currently she is a PhD student at the same institution in comparative literature, prof. univ. dr. Bogdan Lefter class. She writes for  LiterNet since 2009. She also signs theater reviews for Tomis, Timpul, Luceafărul, Cultura magazines. Interested in performing arts field: social theater, performance, contemporary dance.


29.05 ¦ 18:30 H ¦ Bacovia Theatre
Concept: Răzvan Mazilu
Stand-up comedy: Dan Badea
Dance: Răzvan Mazilu
Music: Romica Puceanu
Choreography: Nadar Rosano
Drama choreography: Gina Șerbănescu
Produced by perfoRM Foundation and Odeon Theatre (Romania)

The show, a collaboration between PerfoRM Foundation and Odeon Theatre brings together three seemingly incompatible artistic poses: contemporary dance, stand-up comedy and gypsy music played by Romica Puceanu. Joining them together is like an invitation to watch with a (self) critical eye, with humor, a deep human theme: the fear of failure.

“Saraiman emerged from a personal feeling,  like a cool thought, that you want to lengthen quickly, namely the failure in my life, ours, those who have chosen to live in Romania,” says sincerely Razvan Mazilu, who added: “I know, I was told many times that I shouldn’t feel like this, because I’m a fulfilled artist, but you cannot ask yourself  what would your life look like if you had made different choices at different times, both personal and professional choices. Together with the stand-up comedy artist Dan Badea and inspired by the authentic gypsy music, we try with a lot of  humor, to launch some questions and eventually find some answers.”

Răzvan Mazilu is a complete artist who imposed and popularized the contemporary dance and dance theater among the general public on Romanian stages. With numerous awards (UNITER Prize, Knight in the Order of Cultural Merit, Opera Prize, in Paris), he presented shows in prestigious international contexts. Mazilu approaches very easily different styles and situations ranging from direction to choreography, from contemporary dance to musical, from acting to creating stage costumes.

Dan Badea, actor and comedian, carved by his master Dem Radulescu for four years at UNATC “I.L. Caragiale” (where he learned that humor, irony and, above all, self-irony are ways of looking at his life) has traveled a long road to find his purpose. As he wandered through music industry more than a decade he found its way: stand-up comedy –an art form alive, honest and with a clear purpose. No matter the subject, no matter who’s in the room, regardless the artist’s mood or his thoughts, the viewer must laugh.  Laugh at what’s funny, not at everything. For seven years, every day, whether he is at Cafe Deko, Club 99 or in national tour, Dan Badea has learned one thing: today’s public is different from yesterday’s, the show also, because you, the spectator, you’re not the one from yesterday.

Nadar Rosano is a choreographer and freelance dancer, set in Israel. His originality and nonconformity as a choreographer brought him many awards at choreography competitions, at Hannover and Dusseldorf and a creative scholarship to the prestigious company DV8 Physical Theatre in London. In 2010 he received a grant to support and develop his creation from the Danish Art Foundation – Ballet Master Albert Gaubier’s. Universal citizen of contemporary dance, choreographer and teacher, Nadar Rosano is invited to give lectures and present his performances on stages in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, Cyprus, Poland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Korea, the United States.


30.05 | 18.30H |  BACOVIA THEATRE
Concept: Laura Simi/Silenda
Dance: Laura Simi, Léo Launey
Piano: Jeanne-Marie Golse
Sound creation: Jean-Noël Françoise
Music: Giuseppe Jelasi, Bach
Light creation: Damiano Foà
Costumes: Laura Simi, Yolaine Guais
Produced by SILENDA (France)

In 2013 Laura Simi is intrigued by the musical form of a Prélude and drawn to meditate on origins, beginnings, improvisation (prae: start and lude: game), pursuing a meeting point with music, that leads straight to Shut up! (2013 work). At the same time she heads up a choreographic laboratory and is introduced to a child that dances. Léo Launey has a funny way of filling space, Laura decides to invite him to share an artistic moment. The Prélude duo is shaped like a portrait, an instant from life, as delicate and energetic as a child. ”Throw light on ordinary gestures, understand and show how the body works. Bodily virtuosity melts away and brings to life something quite extraordinary. Just like a powerful poetic machine.” „This work led me to Heraclitus: time is a child acting like a child, throwing dice and accepting chance; children do not separate being, doing and saying. That is how they make themselves…” (Laura Simi).

The meeting with the pianist Jeanne-Marie Golse  gives us a rich and sensitive dialogue, a  composition between artistry and improvisation. A merry “fight” between dance and music.

Born in Pistoia, Italy, Laura Simi is formed initially in classical ballet and then extends to all forms of dance at the C.S.D. Istituto Gould, Florence. She continued her training in the United States with Martha Graham, Alvin Nikolais and works in New York with Richard Haisma choreographer and dancers M. Cunningham. In 1993, he founded Silenda with Damiano Foa. She receives first prize in the competition of Cagliari in 1992, and the Grand Prix of the Society of Authors in 1994 at the Rencontres Choregraphiques de Seine Saint Denis. With Silenda she has the opportunity to teach and do workshops; she is responsible for creating, writing, installations. As a performer she collaborated with set designers, video artists and musicians for projects in art spaces and urban. With Damiano Foà, they have created more than fifteen pieces and choreographic performances.

Léo Launey is eleven years old and he was born and lives in Caen. He practiced dancing since the age of six (modern dance, classical, hip hop, contemporary). He practices football and drawing. He cultivates a vegetable garden, he has animals (dog, cat, two fish, two chickens, a rabbit). His passion is dance, visiting museums and churches. His dream is to become a dancer and cook.

Jeanne-Marie Golse studied piano at the Conservatoire de Caen (class Armand Bex), is a member of the Regional Orchestra of Basse-Normandie since 1983. She has participated in numerous concerts in France and abroad (Norway, England, Russia, Italy, Australia), assuming the orchestral pianist functions, chamber musician and soloist. Jeanne-Marie Golse collaborated for several years with the electro-acoustic studio “La Muse en Circuit”, participating in numerous concerts and shows, contemporary music creation (Paris, Edinburgh Festival, Madrid). She then turned to the Argentine tango and has integrated the orchestra “La Tipica” created by Juan Cedron, in traditional tango orchestra in 1930-1940. Finally, loving contact with students, Jeanne-Marie Golse is teaching since 1994 at the Conservatory Gustave Charpentier in Paris.

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