E-Motional co-productions led by Cosmin Manolescu and Olga Zitluhina 

The projects „Fragile”, by Cosmin Manolescu (Romania) and „I say to you: sing!” by Olga Zitluhina (Latvia), will start soon in Riga and Bucharest/ Bacau on July 2.

Following the workshop-auditions organised in Porto, Luxembourg and Bucharest, choreographer Cosmin Manolescu has chosen two dancer with whom he will collaborate, Romanian Cristian Nanculescu and Italian Giselda Ranieri. A third dancer will be selected from the last workshop, taking place in Riga, in the opening of the first working residency of the project (July 2-18).

At the same time with the Riga residency, Latvian choreographer Olga Zitluhina will work on her piece in Romania, in Bacau and Bucharest together with the artists chosen following the call for performers launched earlier in March – Guntis Spridzans (Latvia), Alberto Magno (Portugal) and Irinel Anghel (Romania).

Informal presentations of the two residencies will simultaniously take place on July 17 at ZonaD studio in Bucharest and the dance space of the Culture Academy in Riga.

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