Giovanni Zazzera (Luxembourg) in residency in Bacau

Dancer and choreographer Giovanni Zazzera from Luxembourg is in residency in May 2014 at the George Apostu Cultural Centre in Bacau, in the frame of the annual exchange with Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois – TROIS C-L. In connection with the E-Motional/ ArtistNe(s)t residencies, Giovanni will work one week at the ZonaD studio in Bucharest. The residency presentation is scheduled for May 28, 2014 in Bacau. The project’s working title is “If I had…”

“It takes a Past to create a Future, it takes emotions to create feelings and it takes action to create reaction. We can’t imagine how many different situations and choices we are confronted with in only one day. We may know what we want, where we want go but we shall never know if the result that we hope to reach will be the same.

It takes just one choice, one person, one phone call, one external event, one word for us to make choices that influence and change things around. But finally whatever happens, isn’t our feelings, emotions, experiences and our past that influence our decisions? We can only trust the body and let it make the choices.

I would like to share these moments of choices and If I had… with the audience and let them discover this mystery and wake up this silence hiding beyond the body.”

Giovanni Zazzera has a BA in Jazz dance from the Conservatory of Luxembourg. He went to Brazil to continue his training and working for various companies of Modern dance, classical and contemporary (Cia. Ama, Cia. Fernando Lima), followed various training courses in Paris and New York and also attended an intensive course in Tel Aviv (Israel) in Gaga dance and methodology with the Batsheva company led by Ohad Nahrim.

Having worked as co-choreographer in Musical Fusion presented at the ECOC of Luxembourg in 2007, he followed a career as a dancer and works in various projects of companies from in France, Poland, Belgium and Luxembourg, where he is also based. Giovanni gives regular classes, sharing his experiences and he has recently embarked in a new adventure to develop his own creations and future projects. Some of these were presented recently (like the duo called Gravity, presented during BarnessCrossing Solo & Duo Festival 2013 in Köln).

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