LUNA project has started in Tescani

The ArtistNe(s)t residencies organised in the frame of E-Motional continue with an interdisciplinary project called LUNA (MOON), run by Irinel Anghel, an artist that works across medias (employing performance art, sound design and composing), with the participation of choreographer Cristina Lilienfeld and actress/ performer Smaranda Găbudeanu. The project explores the multiple facets of femininity and searches its variously creative expressions. In astrology, MOON is the symbol of women, generating numerous archetypes that, together, create a complex image of female energy manifestations: the prototypes of the mother, lover or wife, the child-woman, the virgin, the creator-woman, the warrior-woman, the sage-woman, the witch, the seducer, etc. This project aims to investigate the possibilities of the encounter between three creator-women and its manifestation through a complex “all-round show” performance. Dance, music, acting and scenography come together organically through this experience, actually taking the step forward from interdisciplinary to trans-disciplinary.

The working periods take place in Tescani (June 12-26), in Bacau (July 19 – August 2) and at ZonaD in Bucharest (August 25 – September 6). The residency is organised by Gabriela Tudor Foundation, in collaboration with George Enescu National Museum – the Dumitru and Alice Rosetti Tescanu – George Enescu Section, and George Apostu Cultural Centre Bacau.

A public presentation of the residency will take place at ZonaD in Bucharest on September 6.

Irinel Anghel (b. 1969) is a Romanian interdisciplinary artist, working as a vocal performer, composer, pianist, improviser, soundactor and soundancer. Her activities are devoted to the experimental crossing borders art, she is one of the founders of New Surrealism in music and a “story-teller” of the Romanian contemporary crossover artistic field, creating “UFO” (no label) performances. Since 2008, together with different stage partners, Irinel Anghel has presented many experimental performances, exploring uncharted territories, crossing paths and concepts such as “innerworld music”, “sound food”, “electronades”, “SONeerie”, “sound theatre”, “darkroom music”, “RenaiScienceFiction Electro music theatre”. Irinel Anghel has earned her MA in 1997 and PhD in 2003, both in Composition at the National University of Music in Bucharest. Among her honors are four prizes from the Romanian Composers Union (1998-99, 2002, 2004) and the Uchimura Prize from the International Theatre Institute/UNESCO for stage music (2002, shared with the creative team of The Bloodied Lovers). Her music has been performed in Albania, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Canada, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA and has been broadcasted throughout the world.

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