Today I discovered a new composer Ólöf Arnalds and a new song. I dedicated this song to all fragile people.

[Fragile] starts in Boglisco

 Today I’m starting my first research for the Fragility project in Bogliasco, near Genova in Italy. I’m gonna be here and work for 4 weeks in a new environment exploring the fragility of my body and life. The target of this residence is to find some themes & ideas that I could explore later one during the workshop-auditions in Porto, Luxemburg, Riga and Bucharest.

Thank you Bogliasco Foundation for offering us this opportunity.


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Welcome to [Fragile]’s blog. It’s our artistic diary of ideas, emotions, experience and meeting with peoples. Enjoy the texts, photos, sounds and video and feel free to comment. And maybe come to see the final performance that will be premiered in summer 2015 in Bucharest, Riga and Porto. Thank your reading us.

Cosmin Manolescu (Romania)
Giselda Ranieri (Italy)
Tanya Andreeva (Norway/Russia)
Cristian Nanculescu (Romania)