change of identities

Today we started a new swap of identities. Giselda become Cristian, Cristian moved in Tanja’s body and Tanja discovered Giselda. A hard and difficult process of finding our fragilities….




“In the last 24h I achieved to:
– roll several bad cigarettes
– finally buy the soap I wanted to buy at the pharmacy
– try my emotional solo in a new way at Cristians flat
– forget how to speak in my own language, but speak quite well norwegian
– get a compliment on my romanian pronunciation from a taxi driver
– take the metro in Bucharest
– remember that I can dance as a gypsy bride
– keep over 50% of my dancing even in the new body
– remember to put on my perfume
– get rid of the rash on my chest
It was a good day.


this hours was very uncomfortable and painful to be. My boots was harding me a lot, and my body was in conflict with my mind and the opposite, did no know exactly where to put the thinks.
realising that i don’t have so much information about me or I forgot them, I started to watch norwegian movies for the language and tried to look again for my movement quality.
I felt like I started to loose my identity and I can´t connect with myself so good like the other days.
I was trying to flirt again with cristian as usual but i decided not to remain at his place after, where we had a very good diner all together. I was no more then 20% of myself because of the cristian influences.

trying to redo my solo was a hard job for me today but in the and i had the feeling that i was there.
I made a lot of pictures and I play with the lights at cristian´s flat. I have one more task to do.
the taxi driver said that the people in rusia have a better life then in romania
i was really faling in love with cristian today. i am glad that I had the change to go with the metro to cristian´s place, where it is so nice, cosy and we spend time discussing about contemporary dance, playing with the lights and watching giselda´s solo.
It was a good day,



How I feel? Sometimes I do some emotional check up…just to know.
Here it is.
I’m exited to start this second step of the project because it will be like to dive one more in the unknown. I mean, this fragility theme it’s so wide that any time, I feel I have the opportunity to search more deeply inside of it, inside of me and inside of ourselves.
It’s since last time I’m thinking about fragility. Sometimes it has happened to talk with some friends about fragility and among other things it come out that fragility can mean strength. The most amazing thing is that this link between these two quite opposite terms it come out during the residency in Riga. So we’re touching something special because shared.
I love people and I think that this project is about people, it’s about humanity through the lens of fragility.
So….yes, I’m exited, but I’m worried too because I know that the work it’s going not to be easy. Because this kind of research it claim to the performer – but I prefer to say researcher – to trust in the process and to drop down his/her barriers. Therefore I know that to work in the right way, that for me means in an honest way, I have to forget myself in order to find something over me.
And, one more, is very true the theatrical rule that say: “On stage you have to die to rebirth”.

which is the wild part of Giselda


“If you stay open, in a deep way, and take apart your fears, whatever hits you’ll receive you’ll still find again your axis, your personal and intimate balance.
Find your heart, your center and you’ll always will come back to yourself.
I love to fight, I love the challenge and I love to come back HOME too, whatever this means for me.
Bye Bye Gi, see you after 3 days.
This is my truth, this is my secret, my intimacy, my daring…maybe my physical endurance too”.

Changing identities done!…the imaginary become reality…

You have the power, don’t forget it!
Power of the group!
FRAGILITY: we can go deeper
Male/female side

Structure/ Space
Not comment during the performance
How to end?
Kids? which possible relation?
Ready to change choice, whitout stop ourself
NOT to CUT communication with people
LEARN to read the invisible reactions from people
Go till the end.
Which is the WILD part of Giselda?
You have to die to rebirth in a new situation/ new level

I discovered that I can fell in love with everyone can show me his/her transformation, who can disclose his/herself in front of me.

From Natalia to me: WILD is: sensitive, brave, laugh, male, fun…100% of me.”

(excepts from Giselda’s diary)