working home

yesterday we continued our workshop-audition in Riga and we worked for a half day in our own flat. it was an amazing day full of great moments…thank you for your daring & lovely solos.



back in Porto after many years. the first (and only time) I visited Porto was in 2005 with the “Serial Paradise” performance. my memories are blurry from that period. I just remember working the whole day in the theatre to setup the performance, a very good show with audience laughing. And a sea food dinner with my dear colleague and wife Gabriela (who was the tour organiser and producer of the Serial Paradise). And a late walking in the city…my first day in Porto started also with a walk into the park of sentiments. very nice feelings….

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the houses in Porto are beautiful as well as pastes de nata, one of the best sweets in the world.

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video. what do you think ?

hmmm…..hard to develop a solo based on people’s desires and preferences. following some discussions on Facebook with female friends and colleagues about how a man should dance in order to become more attractive for a female, I developed a solo section. but i’m not sure if I heading in the right direction….what do you think ?

first workshop on fragility

today I lead a one day workshop about fragility in my studio in Bogliasco which was attended by   professionals and amateurs dancers from Genova. we tried the heart dance and the emotional trip. i was maybe a difficult workshop but seems that everybody enjoyed the experience. for me it was a great and rewarding day testing some of the idea I was working on.  we also visited the Bogliasco Foundation’s beautiful garden and enjoyed the nature smelling the orange flowers. mille grazie ragazzi!

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how to twerk

i asked several people on the Facebook and dear fellows in Bogliasco, how they will prefer to see a dance performance. from a gay couple I got the tweak dance which I didn’t know initially what kind of dance was. google help me to found a new type of dance which looks like has a lot of funs. please try to imagine a men dancing in the same way like this girl….