thank you Porto

thank you all – Cindy, Diletta, Ines, Artur, Guida, Pauline, Ana Renata, Ana Dora, Carolina, Sara – for sharing with me your fragilities ain Porto. thank you Alberto Magno and Fabrica de Movimentos for welcoming back in your special city. And a final beer and dance in a very small bar with music from Cape Verte Island….10303867_10152112974687473_6658212552012954786_n

welcome in our house of fragilities

“Fragilidade é insegurança.”

“The longer I expose myself, more fragile I become.”

“A hug without touch, more a hint of contact.

“We create, we put our self’s to the evaluation of the others, we put our most inner inquietudes for the others to enjoy and we risk to be hurt or offended. This is what we do.”

“My fragility is not to be able to look into people’s eye.”

“My fragility is to be afraid of stopping breathing.”

It is knowing that we are missing with someone or something.”  (texts written by the participants for the workshop)

the first Fragile workshop in Porto just finished. the working period was very intense and everybody dived  into a very emotional world. but it was beautiful. tears, stories, hugs, little movements and emotions. welcome in our house of fragilities and we are invited by Ana Dora in the a flat full of emotional stories.


back in Porto after many years. the first (and only time) I visited Porto was in 2005 with the “Serial Paradise” performance. my memories are blurry from that period. I just remember working the whole day in the theatre to setup the performance, a very good show with audience laughing. And a sea food dinner with my dear colleague and wife Gabriela (who was the tour organiser and producer of the Serial Paradise). And a late walking in the city…my first day in Porto started also with a walk into the park of sentiments. very nice feelings….

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the houses in Porto are beautiful as well as pastes de nata, one of the best sweets in the world.

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call for performers

the call for performers for [Fragile] closed today. i was surprised by the amount of applications we received, over 80 applications from 19 European countries. from the total numbers, I decided to invite 40 performers to attend the 4 workshops in Porto, Luxembourg, Bucharest and Riga. the projects enters now in the second phase from which I will selected finally 3 performers to join me in this new journey into fragility and unknown. first workshop will start in Porto very soon….and start feeling little fragile about the selection process. 🙂10264979_1487356991479345_4604591860744527907_n