process sharing in Riga

[ Fragile ] a fragrance by Alice inspired by Nietzche, Tihno Segal, Marina Abramovic, Carol Lewis and manny more

performed by Giselda Ranieri, Cristian Nanculescu, Natalia Wilk, Cosmin Manolescu

directed by Cosmin Manolescu

informal presentation of the two-weeks residency in Riga organised by The Association of Professional Dance Choreographers of Latvia in collaboration with Gabriela Tudor Foundation

14.00 – 18.00 – secret location (limited number of participants) *

20.00 – Latvian Academy of Culture, Zirgu Pasts

Please feel free to join us for the process sharing of the [Fragile] project. For the interested participants to attend the first performance in the secret location are invited to send a short text message to the number +40 722 322 366 with your name, age, sex and profession. after we will receive your message we gonna confirm the hour and the address of the performance. Thank you. For more information please email us at




very soon the the selection of the participants will be ready ! now on my way to Riga for the final workshop-audition that will be attended  by 10  performers from Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Italy. the workshop will be joined also by Giselda Ranieri from Italy and Cristian Nanculescu from Romania who were selected from the workshop in Bucharest. i think our hearts will beat faster and faster…


thank you Porto

thank you all – Cindy, Diletta, Ines, Artur, Guida, Pauline, Ana Renata, Ana Dora, Carolina, Sara – for sharing with me your fragilities ain Porto. thank you Alberto Magno and Fabrica de Movimentos for welcoming back in your special city. And a final beer and dance in a very small bar with music from Cape Verte Island….10303867_10152112974687473_6658212552012954786_n

[Fragile] starts in Boglisco

 Today I’m starting my first research for the Fragility project in Bogliasco, near Genova in Italy. I’m gonna be here and work for 4 weeks in a new environment exploring the fragility of my body and life. The target of this residence is to find some themes & ideas that I could explore later one during the workshop-auditions in Porto, Luxemburg, Riga and Bucharest.

Thank you Bogliasco Foundation for offering us this opportunity.


bogliasco 10371712_10152125612992473_3916893725432522552_n 10299096_10152125767782473_7046179038722444999_n



Welcome to [Fragile]’s blog. It’s our artistic diary of ideas, emotions, experience and meeting with peoples. Enjoy the texts, photos, sounds and video and feel free to comment. And maybe come to see the final performance that will be premiered in summer 2015 in Bucharest, Riga and Porto. Thank your reading us.

Cosmin Manolescu (Romania)
Giselda Ranieri (Italy)
Tanya Andreeva (Norway/Russia)
Cristian Nanculescu (Romania)