which is the wild part of Giselda


“If you stay open, in a deep way, and take apart your fears, whatever hits you’ll receive you’ll still find again your axis, your personal and intimate balance.
Find your heart, your center and you’ll always will come back to yourself.
I love to fight, I love the challenge and I love to come back HOME too, whatever this means for me.
Bye Bye Gi, see you after 3 days.
This is my truth, this is my secret, my intimacy, my daring…maybe my physical endurance too”.

Changing identities done!…the imaginary become reality…

You have the power, don’t forget it!
Power of the group!
FRAGILITY: we can go deeper
Male/female side

Structure/ Space
Not comment during the performance
How to end?
Kids? which possible relation?
Ready to change choice, whitout stop ourself
NOT to CUT communication with people
LEARN to read the invisible reactions from people
Go till the end.
Which is the WILD part of Giselda?
You have to die to rebirth in a new situation/ new level

I discovered that I can fell in love with everyone can show me his/her transformation, who can disclose his/herself in front of me.

From Natalia to me: WILD is: sensitive, brave, laugh, male, fun…100% of me.”

(excepts from Giselda’s diary)

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